EXPOSED! 0% Credit Card Offers


Have you seen those 0% credit card offers? This article uncovers why SRCFCU does not participate in gimmicks like this and why you should not be deceived by them.

1. High Transfer Fees

A “transfer fee” is a penalty for transferring another credit card balance to the 0% card–usually a percentage of the balance.  While many people are desperate for debt relief,  they won’t find it in one of these offers.  

2. Sudden Rate Hikes

Obviously, 0% is just an introductory rate. These credit card companies are in business to make money.  When the offer ends, you may find yourself paying a high rate…or worse, a variable rate which could jump even higher at any time.  

3. Hidden Penalties

Did you know that some credit card companies void introductory rates if you are ever late on a payment?  0% offers are a gimmick to get your business.  Once they have it, be aware of ways they may end it prematurely.  

4. Other Fees

There are several other fees companies commonly use to get your money. Be sure to read the fine print looking for terms like: Annual Fee, Balance Transfer Fee, Cash Advance Fee, Conversion Fee, Closure Fee, Inactivity Fee and Late Fee. 

Don’t make these mistakes. Experience relief from your credit card debt with a SRCFCU MasterCard. Get started today!


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